How to feed your soul while hitting the road.


By Leif Whittaker

When you imagine a month-long road trip through the western US you probably think of the beautiful scenery, the interesting towns and characters, the mind-blowing podcasts you’ll listen to, the freedom of the open road. But road trips can be draining and stressful too, especially if you’re on a tight schedule. When my partner, Freya Fennwood, and I organized the Book and Boats Tour, we knew we wouldn’t have much time for adventures. With seventeen events planned in a month and many hours of driving between locations, the tour is far heavier on work than play. There are six days on our calendar that don’t involve an event, a drive, or both. So, we’ve had to embrace the idea of “micro adventures”—brief and easy jaunts that stick in your memory and feed your soul. After two weeks on the road, we’ve learned a few tricks…

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