Working as a Climbing Ranger on Mt. Baker

            Since the beginning of June I have been working as a Climbing Ranger with the United States Forest Service on Mt. Baker. My partner, Brandon Helmstetter, and I are tasked with evaluating outfitter/guide services, removing waste from mountain campsites, writing conditions reports on approach trails and climbing routes, monitoring the number of recreationalists using the wilderness, performing rescues when appropriate, and generally taking care of the mountain in every way we can.
In addition, we have been maintaining a blog that has up-to-date route reports, weather forecasts, safety bulletins, and other pertinent information for climbers, skiers, hikers and snowmobilers. If you are interested in exploring the Mt. Baker wilderness, I suggest you check it out.
Our first month and a half on the mountain has been extremely busy. We have touched the summit four different times and skied down three different glaciers. We have performed a rescue of a snowmobiler in Rocky Creek. We have removed hundreds of pounds of human waste and garbage from the glacier. And we have eaten an unhealthy number of freeze-dried meals.
Because I’m so busy, I haven’t had much time to write about my adventures, but I have been taking quite a few photos and I wanted to share some of these with you. Some of these photos were also taken by my girlfriend Freya Fennwood. Hopefully they give you an idea of what life is like for me this summer. The job ends in October, and maybe then I will be able to write down some of the best stories, the ones worth telling. Until then, enjoy the photos! I’ll post more when time allows.


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