Antarcitca, Mt. Vinson Told by Video

Author’s Note: Like Aconcagua, these are unedited snippets of video that I am happy to share with you. If you’re looking for details about the climb, read the blog entries labeled Antarctica. Enjoy! 

Before leaving for Antarctica we had a chance to visit a penguin colony near Punta Arenas. These odoriferous little guys are all Magellanic penguins.

Twin Otter lands on the Branscomb Glacier at Mt. Vinson base camp (7,000ft).

Getting to know Mt. Vinson base camp (7,000ft).

Carrying loads and dragging sleds up the Branscomb Glacier towards Camp 1 (9600ft). I’m the anchor–last position–on a three man rope team. The summit is the small peak in the middle of the saddle in the enormous wall ahead of us.

Chatting with Tim Amos and Brent Huntsman at Camp 1 (9,600ft) after carrying a load on our third day in Antarctica.

On the summit of Mt. Vinson (16,065ft) Sashko Kedev unfurls the Macedonian flag while Dave Hahn photographs the scene and the rest of us try not to get frostbite.

Flying back to Patriot Hills on a Twin Otter, we were treated to amazing views of the continent and the mountain we had just climbed.


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