Aconcagua Told by Videos

Author’s Note: While climbing in South America and Antarctica I recorded about half an hour of video. Due to severe deficiencies in computing power I have been unable to edit this video, but I wanted to share a few moments regardless. I will be including some from Mt. Vinson in the next post. Let me know what you think. And enjoy!

A mule train crosses our path as we ascend the Relinchos Valley on the last day of our three-day approach to base camp.

Snow and wind attack our tent as we rest at Camp 1(16,000ft) on our seventh day of climbing. Route is visible in the talus fields and col above.

Enjoying a sunset at Camp 2–Chopper Camp (18,000ft)–on our ninth day with Billy Nugent and Walter Hails.

Drinking yerba-mate in the tent at Camp 3–Colera Camp (19,600ft)–before leaving for the summit on our eleventh morning.

Taking a rest break at Independencia hut (21,000ft) after an hour and 45 minutes of climbing.

Rest-stepping and pressure-breathing to the cross-marked summit of Aconcagua (22,841ft).

Delirious in tent at Chopper Camp after descending from summit.

Saddling my pack at Chopper Camp before descending towards base camp. We’ll add another 20-pounds when we reach our gear cache at Camp 1.

Descending from base camp on our thirteenth day, the sky was filled with spectacular clouds and we said hello to the color green again. An Argentine journalist, Gabriella, walked with Jake and I to Pampa de Lenas, where we enjoyed an asada with the hererros and slept there under the stars. It was the perfect end to an unbelievable trip.


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